“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Light a Candle _ Flickr - Photo Sharing! Welcome to STAND FOR LOVE! If you spend any time on this site at all, it will become clear rather quickly that we are approaching the ideas of love and romance from a distinctly Christian perspective.

That said, we know that Christians are not alone in the teaching of mutual respect and healthy boundaries when it comes to courtship, dating, and eventually marriage. And we also know that we are not alone when it comes to those who unapologetically believe that there are healthier approaches to love and romance than some of the objectification and self-destructive behaviors that are now routinely glorified all across popular entertainment in contemporary culture.

So, wherever you are on your own spiritual journey, please consider walking alongside us and discover your own way to push back, take a stand, light a candle…

This website will offer some event ideas and options that have worked for other groups and individuals as well as just some fun romantic stuff!

We also invite you to share your own ideas and experiences and help the rest of us learn from your unique perspective and imagination. We only ask that you be respectful to one another and remember that this is a family-friendly website.

In the beginning…

On Valentine’s Day weekend 2015, the film version of the best-selling erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” was released in movie theatres nationwide.

With the backing of a major Hollywood studio and multi-million dollar budgets for both production and marketing, the film eventually made over $166 million in the U.S. alone and had an undeniably significant cultural impact.

Just prior to the release of that film, we launched this website as a way of lighting a candle…

Then and now, the purpose of this website was not (and is not) to curse the darkness… not to bash or belittle or call to boycott. Rather, our hope was/is to inspire others to, on their own, create a wide variety of positive counter-cultural options to such damaging portrayals… to shine a light.

We are encouraging like-minded individuals, churches, and other religious and civic groups to join us and take a STAND FOR LOVE, in their own communities and in their own unique ways… to be proactive and devise their own specific events or launch initiatives that honor and uplift the healthy and life-giving romantic values that reflect their most noble beliefs and desires.

It could be hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner and/or movie night for young singles or beginning a divorce recovery ministry or starting a new book club. That’s the fun part; the sky’s the limit! But DO something, anything! And we can all share our ideas and experiences here.

If there is indeed a more beautiful way to approach romance, we can’t just sit back and watch while “Fifty Shades” and/or other similar pop culture phenomenons make their claims on defining love for this generation. It matters…
2016 Plugged In Movie Awards - Best Christian Movie

"Very well acted and beautifully shot."
- Glenn Kenny,

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