“Criticize by creating.”
– Michelangelo

In and for your local community…


an event, a family field trip, a concert, a sermon, a romantic dinner, a banquet, a song, a poem, a party, a children’s program, a skit, a movie night, a love-themed talent show, a date night with your daughter or son, or…


a longer-term ministry for divorce recovery, relational mentoring for young couples, visitation for shut-ins or widows/widowers, or start a book club…


that offers a positive and life-giving alternative to the damaging and destructive versions of love that are so often associataed with


And don’t forget to


your ideas and experiences (or those of others that you find inspiring) on this website and help us spread the word about the call to


There’s no doubt, these are troubled days; there is a genuine need to create an informal and inexpensive grassroots movement of like-minded people that care enough to do more than just provide lip-service to contemporary entertainment’s seemingly endless and unstoppable slide into the abyss.

If we’re not willing to “be the change we seek” and fight back, stretch ourselves, invest a little time in our own communities and families… than we have no right to complain when this world becomes unrecognizable to us.

This is YOUR chance to make a difference in a REAL way.



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