Is STAND FOR LOVE something I have to join?

Officially, no. It’s more of an idea than an organization.

Are the any dues or fees or anything that I have to buy to participate?


Do I have to give you my contact info?

No. But if you want to comment/share ideas on the website, you can’t do so anonymously.

Is STAND FOR LOVE formally affiliated with any religion, church, or civic group?

No, but we definitely affirm a Christian perspective on love and romance. We also affirm that we’re not the end-all experts and don’t have a corner on this market and, obviously, we know that the struggles found in Christian relationships and marriages are often the same as those of any other group.

At the end of the day, we are interested in learning to love and care for one another in ways that bring about healing and wholeness… and, hopefully, not perpetuate or add to the massive damage and brokenness that is so pervasive in the romantic landscape in America today.

What’s the big deal about Valentine’s Day?

It’s a symbol. And symbols matter. And when “Fifty Shades of Grey” targeted that date to release theatrically and position itself as a mainstream romantic drama… that matters.

Re: “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Aren’t you overreacting, just a little? A lot?

We don’t think so. We believe that what a culture lifts up… and spends untold millions of dollars to create and market and consume says something about a culture. Is “Fifty Shades” really what we all aspire to? For ourselves? Our daughters and sons?

Who are you, the bedroom police? What’s wrong with a little fantasy?

First, no, we are in no way trying position ourselves as experts as to what married couples should or shouldn’t do behind closed doors.

This is about entertainment, or what we hold up as entertainment… especially in a world in which everything is available everywhere, all the time, on countless devices. For all eyes.

As for fantasy…

Again, without getting into bedroom specifics or any particular book or movie… if the question is whether or not all fantasy is completely harmless simply because it is fantasy, well, no, we don’t agree.

Clearly, most actions begin in the mind and since to any thinking person it is clear that some actions are indeed “evil” (or whatever word you are comfortable with)… and that being the case, it seems only wise and prudent that it is perhaps best to not let our minds wander too long in certain areas.

What if I have more questions not addressed here?

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