– Talk about the release of “Fifty Shades of Grey” (and its sequels) with your family, friends, colleagues and/or small group. Discuss what that means for our culture (especially young people) and explore ideas of creating positive counter-cultural alternatives.

– Engage in online/social media discussions regarding “Fifty Shades” (or similar books/films) and challenge the status quo. Remember to be respectful and loving! Where appropriate, be sure and invite others to STAND FOR LOVE on Valentine’s Day.

– Write an editorial for your local or student newspaper/magazine. Or, in some cases, even national publications will print such op-ed pieces. If you’re so inclined… go for it!

– If you are a church, share what you are doing to STAND FOR LOVE in your own congregation/communities with other churches in your denomination or network.

– Call into radio programs debating entertainment, film, culture, and/or “Fifty Shades” (or similar books/films) and offer positive and life-affirming perspective and options in both media and life.

– Share our web address www.standforlove.com with friends and associates via email, social media, etc. And share your ideas with us on the website!

– Most of all, live a life that “stands for love” and be a living example that stands in stark contrast to any and all destructive romantic patterns. This is easier for some than others, obviously… and not all of us have been blessed with good examples and/or long-lasting and healthy relationships.

But, no matter where you come from or what you’ve done in the past… no matter your brokenness or struggles or guilt… it’s never too late to make a change and get back in the fight!

And, if you are indeed one of the fortunate ones that has known great love and experienced the joy that so many are still longing for… we need your wisdom and evidence that it’s possible! Join us!

It matters…

– And don’t forget to pray! Please don’t forget to pray… the battle is real…

Grace and peace to all…

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