We know full well that not everyone has a special “someone.”

That being the case, holidays like Valentine’s Day that focus on romantic love can be difficult on many.

broken heart Here we hope to offer ways to include *all* of your community in these events and, where appropriate, offer support and encouragement to those that might be lonely and hurting.

We’re *not* trying to offer ways to play matchmaker or to in any way imply that those who aren’t in a romantic relationship are in any way living less-full lives. We *are* trying to challenge and inspire all of us to look for new ways to draw the circle wider and make sure we’re going the extra mile to include those that might feel left out in the cold when it comes to love.

Also, we know that events and teaching relating to the topic of romantic relationships vary greatly depending on age and experience. So… we’ve tried to segment the links and conversations, accordingly.